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This report reflects GCNSA comprehensive progress during 2021 and highlights the Strategy and Plans for 2022.

Programmes Overview 2021:

The GCNSA successfully implemented four accelerators in 2021 namely: the Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP), the SDG Ambition Accelerator, Target Gender Equality, and the Climate Ambition Accelerator Programme. The Target Gender Equality and Climate Ambition Accelerator programmes are new programmes which were first implemented locally by GCNSA in 2021. These programmes, also known as global impact initiatives (GIIs) are designed to support companies in the integration of specific aspects of sustainability in their business.

Programmatic Offerings

The year 2021 had a significant increase in the number of Accelerators being implemented by the GCNSA. From hosting a very successful Young SDG Innovator Programme in 2020 to implementing The SDG Ambition Accelerator, Climate Ambition Accelerator, Target Gender Equality and Young SDG Innovator Programme in 2021.

In 2022, we continue to scale impact on specific goals by maintaining the four Accelerators. In addition, we are enhancing our work on Youth and Business as well as our work on Good Governance. We will announce in more detail as the year 2022 progresses.