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[vc_headings style=”theme2″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”2019 Winner Of Global Compact Network South Africa SDG Pioneer” titlesize=”36″ titleclr=”#000000″ caption_url=””]We are excited to announce our winner and runners up of the Global Compact Network South Africa Young SDG Pioneers for 2019. These are outstanding young leaders who through innovation, creativity and passion are ensuring that their respective companies are aligning and taking action on Sustainable Development Goals. Our winner automatically enters the global round, the results of which will be announced by the UN Global Compact in September in New York.[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”1″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”WINNER – Sarah Whitten” titleclr=”#000000″][/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”1″ borderclr=”#ffffff” align=”left” title=”1ST RUNNER UP – Elvina Hercules” titleclr=”#ffffff”][/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”1″ borderclr=”#ffffff” align=”left” title=”2ND RUNNER UP – Blain Van Wyk” titleclr=”#ffffff”][/vc_headings]