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What does my business get for participating?

Participation in the reporting process will give your organisation access to the VNR collaboration platform and process which will deliver an individual report, as well as input to the consolidated VNR report. CEO and leader quotations will be utilised in awareness communications about the South African transformation work associated with the 2030 Agenda. Additionally, each participant will input to and receive a 3-minute UN Global Compact branded case study about the positive impact it is making. These will be hosted on the GCN SA website and can be shared on social media and company websites. The fee also includes 3 key events during the process, and access to webinars and virtual forums that arise as a part of the 2030 Agenda. Most importantly, participation is the opportunity to collaborate with key private and public sector stakeholders on priorities for the South African National Development Plan and other initiatives designed to transform and innovate South Africa. These agendas are critical to showcasing South Africa as a country with a prioritised plan for overcoming the challenges of today to ensure growth and a better future.